Thursday, December 27, 2012

Worth the Wait

Well, it's been some time since our last post.  Normally, we would post our new wait list number.  BUT, instead we have a different announcement to make......WE HAVE OUR REFERRAL!!!!  On December 7th, after 10 long months and 1 day of waiting, our agency called with a referral for a sweet, little 14 month old boy!  After receiving all of the information, we quickly accepted!  We aren't able to post pictures of him until after our court hearing when he is officially a Hagerman.  But trust me, he is absolutely adorable!  He even has a dimpled chin, just like Wes and Lucy!  We have picked the name Owen Luke for him.  We are beyond excited and blessed to make Owen part of our family!

The next step in our process is waiting for our court date.  We were told by our agency that it could be anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks for us to travel to Ethiopia for court.  At that time, we will get to meet our sweet Owen and hold him for the first time!  After our court hearing (which hopefully should be in our favor!), Owen will officially be our son.  However, we will have to leave him in Ethiopia and return home while we wait for approval from the U.S. Embassy.  Once we receive that, we will be able to return to Ethiopia, get a visa for Owen, and return home to begin our lives here as a family of 5!!

I am so amazed at how the Lord has led us on this journey!  Waiting for something your heart longs so desperately for is a humbling experience.  We have and continue to rely on God and his faithfulness and provision.  He has worked in my heart in ways that I never could have imagined.  I pray that this process will continue to change me and make me more like Jesus - through whom I have received my spiritual adoption as God's child!

Praise God!  He has done great things for us!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A 5K and 12,000K to go

Jennifer is running in her first 5K race ever this weekend.  She has been training for a while, and I am very proud of her determination.

Even better, she is running for a good cause.  She is running for our future son (who is over 12,000 kilometers away).  

The race is the main fundraiser for Joseph's Hope, a non-profit organization that assists families with adoption.  They have graciously agreed to give us a grant for our adoption efforts.  You can read more about the foundation on their website.

If you live near Bowling Green, consider signing up and participating in the run/walk.  And look for Jennifer (as she runs by you of course).

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Potty Training Lucy

"No, Mommy.  Belly full."  Lucy, when offered an M&M on Monday afternoon

On Monday morning Jennifer started potty training our girl.  It is going relatively well. The first day Jennifer pumped Lucy full of juice, complemented by some salty food (to keep her thirsty).  That day she had 13 successes and 2 accidents.  With each success Lucy was given two M&M's as a reward.  To our surprise, by Monday afternoon, Lucy was too full to stomach anymore rewards.

Since then we have averaged about 2 accidents per day and many successes.  After a couple of days, we had to switch the reward from M&M's to gummy bears.  Jennifer has been working hard (including lots of clapping, cheering, and dancing to celebrate each success) and working wisely.  I am so proud of them both!

It's also good to see Noah learning to love Lucy in a new way.  Instead of being jealous of her getting extra attention and candy, he is learning (gradually) to find his happiness in her happiness and to celebrate her success.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting Close

It's been a while since we updated the blog, but we are now #15 on the waiting list!!!!

Jennifer and I were pumped upon receiving the news.  This was our biggest jump since March (we moved 6 spots each time).  During the spring and summer, we moved a few spots on average each month; (one month we only moved one lone spot).  We had already prepared ourselves for a long unpredictable wait.  In that context this news was a big glorious surprise.

Now we actually feel close to the end.  In fact, we know that at least 5 of the 14 families in front of us on the big waiting list are open only to accepting a girl.  We are open only to a boy (unless we can get two children).  That means that there are no more than 9 families in front of us!

It's possible that we could make our first trip to Ethiopia before the year is over, and we could have our future son home by the end of winter.  But all we can do right now is wait (actively praying and preparing though, not sitting by in passivity) as God writes our stories into his grand master-story.

Yes There Are Monsters and You Shouldn't Be Afraid

Lately our 4 year old son has been begging each of us to sleep with him at night, and he has grown increasingly afraid of the dark.  Tonight he was crying hard after Jennifer tucked him in and shut the door.  After a couple of minutes I went in to try and calm him down.

(calm and compassionate tone) "Noah, what do you want?"

(fighting back tears) "I don't want to sleep by myself."

"Why not?"

"I'm scared."

"Scared of what?"


"Where are the monsters at?"

"In my closet"

We've all seen this at least a dozen times on TV.  The parent always reassures the child, "Of course there aren't any monsters in your closet.  Monsters aren't real."

I was about to say that very thing, when I realized that the truth is that monsters really do exist.  Our world contains scary people and scary things.  One day my boy is going to have to face some scary situations. The normal approach to monsters in the closet seemed pragmatic and myopic.  I decided there was an important point to be made.

"You know what Noah, there are monsters in the world.  There could even be a monster in the closet.  But it's okay because I am here.  I am strong; I love you, and I will protect you.  And do you know who will help me protect you?



"There were monsters in the world last night, and you went to sleep last night and you were fine.  There were monsters in the world the night before that also, and you went to sleep and you were fine.  See?  God and I love you, and we will protect you.  Be brave and strong.  Okay?  And how can you talk to God if you get scared?"

"I can pray."

"Yes...Now do you know what it means if I close the door and you start crying again?  It means that you don't believe that I will really protect you.  It means you don't really believe that God will protect you.  Please, believe that.  Okay?  It's really true...Okay, good night.  I love you."

I closed the door and....

...he was brave, content, and quiet.  Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Quote

This weekend I was explaining to my four-year-old son what Mother's Day is, why we celebrate it, and that he should give his mommy compliments.  He quickly replied, "When is Bubby's Day?"